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Welcome to the online home of the Showcase Arts Foundation! We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit located in Dunedin, Florida and Asbury Park NJ.  We cultivate awareness of the arts in the community, including theater, dramatic and comedic improv, film, and writing.

As your youth in the arts service and advocacy organization, we need you to help us meet the needs and challenges of our youth.

In 2017, you helped us create the first annual Tampa Bay Region, “Rock Your Ride”; sponsor showcase events for young performing artists in Asbury Park; allowed us to sponsor our 3rd annual, Rising Starts Series at the Algonquin Arts Theatre in Manasquan & shared a meal with us at a Chipotle Fundraiser in Sea Girt in addition to launching a comprehensive performing arts initiative and social media campaign to you artists at risk.

In 2018, we will have the opportunity to work with more young artists and widen our reach to include the Monmouth Arts Teen Festival and mount larger, more inclusive original showcases. We will also be reaching out to colleges to begin an intern program allowing young artists the opportunity to become part of our local arts economy and learn first-hand what goes into the monetization of art.

By gathering energy and resources to fund powerful performing arts experiences, together we will help at risk youth discover the magnitude of their personal potential and keep them immersed in life affirming arts projects.

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Music and Mama at Clinch’s Transparent Gallery

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Danny Clinch’s Transparent Gallery, where artists and their music thrive!  Joe Fletcher from Nashville dropped by the Supro Live Music Showcase, along with American Trappist, Matter, Rachel Ana Dobken, and  Danny himself to entertain a lucky Asbury Park audience.  Great thing happen when artists work together.  To add to the excitement, Danny introduced American Trappist fresh out of the studio from mastering the final … Read More

Thanks for Having Us Join the Party HARRY!

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What a great time Showcase Arts Foundation had this November, “Backing it Up” with Harry Connick, Jr.  Special thanks to all our great friends who joined Mc2 in making a difference in the lives of young performing artists.  We look forward to making a difference for more young people while helping them discover the magnitude of their own personal potential!

Breakfast with Rising Stars

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Don’t miss this powerful performing arts experience! · Enjoy breakfast with friends and artists who will perform a classical selection on stage. · Strengthen our communities by bringing young and old together, offering opportunities for us to engage one another on intellectual, emotional, and spiritual levels. · Enrich your life with shared artistic experiences that are unifying during these concerning times. Everyone experiences music in a very … Read More