Calling Artists 16-26 who want to party with HARRY

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Calling Young Artists 16-26ish (Please submit an email to before Oct. 15, 2017.)

Join SAFI and our Patrons to be at a Sweeps Week Taping of HARRY in New York City?  Mama’s Got That!   (See event flyer for details.)

Your Day Includes

  • Round trip, private coach transportation from the Monmouth Service Area to CBS Studios in NYC.
  • VIP Seats in Harry’s Audience for a Sweeps Week Taping
  • Full Group Lunch & Festivities
  • Meet & Greet with Patrons of the Arts

Please submit an email to before Oct. 15, 2017.

Recipient Application Email must include:

√Name  √Address   √Phone    √Age   √School

√Type of Performer (as many disciplines as apply)

√Performance Educator’s Contact Information for References

√How you learned about SAFI?

√Why you are interested in going to a taping of Harry Connick, Jr’s TV Show.

If you’re an interested artist between 16 and 18 years of age and wish to go on this trip you will need to fill out the permission slip/Minor Audience Release Form(bellow) and have it signed by your legal guardian.  Attach it to your email and bring original permission slip with you the day of the event.

Download PDF here and once filled out, email back to GinaMarie Board President.


What should I Know about my group?

You are attending the HARRY Show as a recipient of Showcase Arts Foundation, Inc.

The Showcase Arts Foundation Inc (SAFI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts foundation dedicated to creating new experiences in the arts, particularly in areas of performance. We seek to create affordable ways for people, young and old, to attend performances and participate in the performing arts. We are proud to partner with MC², a living memorial started by the Michelini family in order to remember Marielle Casimira Cecilia and all the life-affirming work she did within her community at the Jersey shore.

The MC² mission is to gather energy and resources to fund powerful performing arts experiences so that young people may discover the magnitude of their own personal potential.  Visit our Website to become more familiar with our work and follow us on Facebook.

Is there a dress code?
YES! The audience will be featured a lot on the show—be sure to look your best! Harry is inviting you to a party, so think hip, stylish and fun! Solid colors look best on TV and we ask that you refrain from wearing white. Try to avoid floral prints and other busy patterns as they don’t look good on camera.

All selections are at the discretion of SAFI & are final.  You will be notified by return email.

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