War Virgin is the hilarious, shocking, tell-all Musical Comedy show and forthcoming memoir that looks at the Iraq War through the true life experiences of Laura Westley, a West Point graduate and former Army Captain. War Virgin chronicles Laura’s own sexual liberation and escape from religious oppression. It is a true coming of age story that connects with many people of all ages and walks of life.

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“No veteran or West Point graduate has ever offered such a candid, irreverent look at the comically naughty, sexually charged underbelly of the military.”

Laura Westley, aka the War Virgin, hails from Florida and graduated from West Point in 2001. On March 21, 2003, with her virginity securely intact, Laura was a part of the initial Iraq invasion liberation. (The Army prohibited using the word “invasion.”)

Laura is a wildly popular performer, playwright, author and veteran mental health advocate. Her War Virgin show has been performed all over Massachusetts and the Tampa Bay Area..

War Virgin has been featured in The Boston Globe and The Tampa Tribune, and Laura has been published in The Washington Post and The Hill. Laura has also been interviewed on Sirius XM Radio, other radio shows and Daytime TV. Laura is often a keynote speaker for various conferences and events.

This September, War Virgin is launching a show and book tour, with scheduled appearances in St. Petersburg, FL; Boston; West Point; Westchester County; Asheville, NC; Savannah, GA and Washington, D.C. Next year War Virgin hopes to continue spreading its messages of equality and self-liberation with a national tour.

War Virgin has already enjoyed numerous success and accolades, and the best is yet to come! With your generous support, War Virgin will be able to entertain and help heal millions of fans across the globe. You will contribute to an important movement of social justice. Let’s encourage humanity together while enjoying a lot of laughs.